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pq veneers

GEELONG COMPANY has specificied veneer factories to support geelong company for face veneer exporting, and our company has the veneer sales team, veneer quality inspection team, and container loading monitoring service, if you need veneer, including the bintangor veneers, birch veneers, bleached poplar veneers, bng veneers, okoume veneers, pencil cedar veneers, pine veneers, plb veneers, pq veneers, and sapele veneers, if your plywood factory need our veneers, welcome to inquiry us thank you so much!

SPECIES:Okoume, Bintangor, Red Ceder, Red Canarium; Birch; Keruing.
SIZE: (MM)1270x2530; 970x2200
THICKNESS: (MM)0.15-0.8mm
GRADE:A, B, C, D, E, F
TECHNICSRotary Cut & Kiln Dried
PAYMENT MODEL/C; T/T to be negotiable;
PACKINGCovered by plastic film and rough plywood and steel strapping from all sides.
USAGEPlywood production; face lamination of MDF/Blockboard

pq veneers