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urea-formaldehyde resin powder for making plywood

RD powdered urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive is a powdered product of standard urea-formaldehyde resin without fillers, modifiers and curing agents. It has the advantages of good strength, small deformation, wide use, convenience, long storage period, and convenient long-distance transportation. It has the properties of good water resistance, mildew resistance, and pollution-free. The bonding strength of wood bonding with it is greater than the strength of the wood itself. According to the different requirements of cost and process, other glues, curing agents, etc. can be added in a certain proportion to use, and the optimized effect can be achieved.

Scope of application

Mosaic after adding curing agent (or hot pressing), general material splicing, assembly, veneer lamination, plywood manufacturing, wooden door, floor, curved wood, MDF, particle board, etc.

Product Features

Appearance: white fine powder

Fineness:90% through 80 mesh standard sieve


Gel time:According to the ratio of curing agent

Bonding strength≥1.4Mpa

Storage period: 20℃时)≥1year

how to use

Allocation ratioglue powder      water      wheat flour       

               100                 100            20        

Glue amountDepends on the surface quality and smoothness level, generally 160-180g/(single side)

Wood moisturebest 8-10%  ±≤2

Hot pressing temperature90-120℃

hot press pressure8-16Kg/C

hot press timeboard thickness 1mm need about 1 minute

glue powder appearancewhite fine powder


urea-formaldehyde resin powder for making plywood

urea-formaldehyde resin powder for making plywood

urea-formaldehyde resin powder for making plywood