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PET Packing Belt

What is PET Pcking Belt?

PET packing belt, also called green recycled pet strap packing belt, or plastic steel belt, is currently the most popular alternative strip and baling wire the new environmentally friendly packing materials, pet packing belt has low cost, saving, environmental protection, beautiful and easy to use durable, high tensile strength, free tray, save labor, improve handing efficiency, increase the stacking space utilization rate and other advantage. 

It has been widely used in wood packing, paper packing, steel packing, chemical fiber packing, cotton packing, aluminium ingot packing, glass packing, materials packing, tobacco packing, electrical and electronic packing, ceramic packing etc.

The Advange of PET Pcking Belt:

1. Save money 50%: pet packing belt can be used as the alternative of same specification steel belt or the wire-steel with same tension strength. But the weight i only 1/6 of those packing material, which can save 50% packing cost.

2. Safe: pet packing belt can keep 5% tightening force with loosing in a long term. When it is stroked by powerful force, it has 5% buffer elongation to protect the goods with damage. And during packing and unpacking, it won't cause any hurt to operators.

3. Environmental friendly: pet packing belt is made of food-grade packing material with the charge of moisture proof, anti-rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion. It does't cause any environmental pollution without limitation for export.

4. Convenient: pet packing belt are light, easy to be transfered. Compared with the steel belt, it's not necessary to cut the strap in advanced, and no need to operate with gloves. It's easy to be used with high efficiency.

We can supply pet packing belt with following size:








Above these sizes, 16mmx0.8mm is the most common one, 20kg/roll, 1100m/roll.

PET Packing Belt  PET Packing Belt

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